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The year of 1969 gave birth to a club that gave and still gives economically deprived children in the Metropolitan St. Louis Area the opportunity to be exposed to organized activities in the platform of track & field and cross country running. 

Three distinguished gentlemen by the names of Mr. Roma Poole, Mr. Robert Penny and Mr. Rich Heber decided to collaborate to sow a seed into the community. Mr. Rich Heber had an all girls’ club formally known as the Comets. The Comets girls club stood strong with a roster of 12 female only athletes. When Mr. Poole and Mr. Penny came on board the Comets put on a new name. The club became known as The Blues Track Club of Greater St. Louis. This new outlook on what the club could be and become pushed them to expand the club by recruiting male athletes.

Over the years the St. Louis Blues Track Team has grown from 12 female only athletes to over 200 athletes which includes both male and female.

 In 1982, the Blues only qualified one athlete to the National Junior Olympics and now we have 100 athletes that qualify each year to the National Junior Olympics Platform.

Our success is measured by the number of athletes attending college with academic or/and athletic scholarships. Currently 70% of our athletes receive college scholarships. Yearly we strive to continue to push toward the mark of 100%.

We know with hard work, dedication, drive and discipline the track could be endless, the field could be far and wide, but we will continue to focus and drive our spikes to the ground every time we hear the starter pistol sound. We will keep our forms in check every time we are called on deck.