strawberry balsamic mojito

Balsamic Strawberry Mojito – Edible Cocktail

Balsamic strawberry Mojito is more like dessert than a cocktail. The same ingredients can be used to create the liquid version of it.

More on Air foams, if one is unsure how to make them.


4 fresh strawberries
Balsamic reduction
Chocolate mint air foam
0.3% Lecithin – of the liquid volume
Serve the strawberries on a plate, drip on top 1 tsp balsamic reduction, and then add three spoons of foam.
Optional – garnish with some fresh mint on the plate.

To make balsamic reduction:
1 ½ oz of dark rum
2 tsp of sugar
1/3 cup of aged Balsamic vinegar
½ oz of Lemon juice
Combine all the ingredients and simmer until you get syrup type of mixture.
Let it cool for 15 min.

To make the Chocolate Mint foam:
12 oz water
2 oz chocolate syrup – use if no access to chocolate mint
15 mint leaves
Heat the water and chocolate syrup to the boiling point, remove it from the stove and infuse it with the leaves for about 20 min.

Put in a tall wide container mint syrup and 0.3% Lecithin.
Use an immersion blender to mix everything. Keep the blender just below the surface to bring the air foam up.
Scoop the foam and put it on top of the drink.

As an option to the Balsamic reduction, if you don’t have access to a stove, mix aged Balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, and sugar and drizzle it on top of the strawberries.

This drink is similar to the Muddled Balsamic Strawberry Mojito.

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