zubroni e1613102283405Cocktail Ways blog is about the craft of bartending, about the appreciation and understanding that being a bartender is not just another job, it is much more than that.   It is a craft like any other craft out there.
Bartending is not only about making drinks and pushing buttons, it is a combination of imagination, persistence, patience, and science.

Valentin first got interested in molecular gastronomy somewhere around 2006 when he initially came across Ferran Adriá and Heston Blumenthal’s videos on YouTube, as well as talking to a chef who was working at the Fat Duck restaurant at that time. It didn’t take a while before he got hooked up on all the amazing things the chefs were doing, so naturally, the next step was to bring these new ideas behind the bar.

I enjoy making and creating drinks, experimenting with new ideas and ways of making cocktails, as well as promoting the craft of bar-tending. I worked as a bartender in Europe, the USA, and currently in Ontario, Canada. I graduated from Southern New Hampshire University, NH, with Degree in Hospitality Administration.

This Blog is my go-to collection of drinks I created, as well as many other ones I found worth keeping it.

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