Niagara Sazerac

Niagara Sazerac is based on the classic and one of the oldest cocktails, Sazerac. Initially, the original one was made with brandy; somewhere around the 1870s, the predominant liquor of choice became whiskey.

For another variation on Sazerac, check Deconstructed Sazerac.

1 oz. Crown Royal Reserve
1 oz Hennessy VSOP
¾ oz Simple Syrup
2 Splashes of Angostura bitters
2 Splashes of Peychaud’s bitters
½ oz Pernod*
Pour Pernod over ice into a chilled cocktail glass.
Shake the rest with ice. Swirl and discard Pernod. Pour the rest of the ingredients into the Pernod-coated martini.
Garnish with an orange twist.
Note: I used Pernod as Absinthe was not available in Canada.

Image by Ernest_Roy from Pixabay

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